When I was a stranger, you welcomed me

The Holy Family greeted Magi who brought exotic gifts from disparate ntions.  Soon after, the family that once welcomed strangers is themselves on the run.  They flee to Egypt as refugees to escape the genocide of King Herod.  How did they survive in a strange land?  Perhaps some kindly souls offered safe haven for them.

Refugees today are coming in increasing numbers from Burma, Nepal, the Congo and Iraq.  Groups are needed to provide a 6 month commitment to meet them at the airport, help with tutoring, transportation, learning American culture and be an emotional support.  Most are fleeing persecution in their homeland—how nice to find friendly faces waiting for them in America!

This is a great opportunity for a cultural exchange, as you may be invited to a home-cooked Burmese dinner or to learn about the Hindu religion from a Bhutanese family.  You may also make new friends.  This may be a great ministry that you can do together with your own family.

If you would like to explore this possibility, contact frank.lesko@stfrancisraleigh.org at (919) 847-8205 x267 and stay tuned for an informational session in the near future!

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