St. Francis has been busy collecting items for those in need in our wider community.  Through the ministry of St. Francis Feeds, we collected over two hundred winter coats in the month of November and distributed them in southeast Raleigh at the Safety Club.  Thank you to all who donated your used men’s, women’s and children’s coats.  We also recently conducted a small-scale turkey drive to meet the requests of a few ministries.  We collected 42 turkeys and $240.  We served a generous portion to Passage Home, an organization which guides people out of homelessness.  We also helped a family from our pre-school.  Finally, the food pantry of Our Lady of the Rosary, a local parish, parish received a generous helping, as well.  There were lots of happy folks gobbling up some turkey this holiday season.  For future growth, we are looking to find a corporate sponsor to partner a turkey collection with another ministry, such as a Fall season blood drive.  The possibility for a cornucopia of collaboration is rich here.


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