By Jason Lillis, Family Life Coordinator

For the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

What does it mean to have talents? Something many of us have heard from our youngest days: Use your talents, and you’ll go far! The parable we hear in today’s gospel reinforces that old adage, and monetizes it for us. In Jesus’ Palestine, a talent was a weight or measure of coinage, varying in value depending on its metal and its place of origin. What happens when we apply this definition of a talent – a physical thing – to our more recent usage of the term – our special abilities and aptitudes? If the Master is our God and we are the Servants, we can see our talents are the truly valuable commodities entrusted to us by our God.

But what happens when we don’t get to use those treasures?  They can weigh us down under a burden of unused opportunities, and in addition we are more and more often seeing the stifling of talent due to an economy that continues to be in turmoil.  The people most often affected are our young adults – fresh out of school, full of hope and promise, and trying hard to find avenues of employment and creative use of their skills. Here at St. Francis of Assisi, it is our hope that we can challenge and encourage our Young Adult Community; to find ways for each young adult to establish themselves as co-creators with God, filled with imagination and in awe of creation.

Are you a Young Adult looking for ways to share your gifts and abilities in the St. Francis of Assisi Community? Contact Jason Lillis (; 847-8205 x244) to explore our community offerings.

Are you looking for a smaller community within St. Francis? The Young Adults Community gathers regularly for Bible Study, learning from our Friars, and gathering for social events. To learn more, visit Join us in giving thanks to God for the gifts that we receive at our Thanksgiving Potluck on November 19, 2012

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