Thank you to all volunteers who made FrancisFest a wonderful faith filled celebration. The afternoon was spent enjoying the beautiful weather, fellowship with each other, and lots of fun for families of all ages. The event planning began in May 2011 to plan all the details of the day.  Over 20 Youth Leaders spent the day overseeing the program areas and we had over 200 volunteers on that afternoon – each contributing their personal time and energy so that we could come together as a Community to commemorate our patron Francis of Assisi.  In addition to all those names below special thanks to Tricia Henry, Coordinator of Community Life for her leadership in creating and sustaining many wonderful opportunities for us to come together, not only for FrancisFest, but throughout the year.

In a special way I’m grateful to all who made contributions to the Reamer Endowment created to sustain the Franciscan Spirituality of our patron and Franciscan Tradition of Holy Name Province for years to come.  At Mass last week Tim Fischer, Chair of the Pastoral Council announced that thus far $40,000 has been raised to begin this endowment.  Thank you to Tim and all who worked on this.  I am honored to have my name associated with such a worthwhile endeavor.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark


Event Coordinator – Tricia Henry

Activities Teams

            Preschool Activities: Heidi Hobler, Kelly Conley,  Gail Hemedinger, Vanda Prajugo

      Jacoba  Youth Activities: Tammy Kozacko, Kelly Margraf, Kathy Lavin

      Field Youth Activities: Allison & Brandon Bordeaux, Mary Beth & Rob Caulfield

      Gym Youth Activities:  Eddie Rogosich, Robert Eastmann, John Lewandowski

Cupertino (Teen) Break Room:  Marianne Bohinski

Young Adult Activities – Elizabeth Henry

Fellowship Senior Activities – Sig Fuchs

Project Teams

      Habitat Building: Amy Challgren, Ray Martin & Habitat

      Stop Hunger Now: Liz Mosler

      Ministry Promotions: Sue Mathys, Leon Cooke



            Grounds Map & Setup Plans:  Marc Kielty, Jim Anderson, Rob Stachewicz, Joey Leone

            Rentals – Shawn Bayle

            Food – Steve Burdett , Diana Callaghan, Kathy Wall, Michelle Cash, Mary Ankeny

            1st Aide & Emergency – Dawn Shumoski



      Marketing Distribution: Phyllis Sholtz

      Design:  Diogenes Ruiz

      Sales:  Ashley Watson and Jenn Campbell

      Project Schedule: Maureen Glasgow


Volunteers Management

            Signup:  Tanya Chaput

            Recruitment: Tracy Shearer, Dana Strickland, Dawn Shumoski, Suzanne Szymendera

            Day of check in: Tracy Shearer


Stage Entertainment – Carol Zivitz, Diogenes Ruiz, Adolfo Rodriguez, Brian Gorman

Fr. Mark’s 25th Anniversary Jubilee

Team Members:

Jubilee dinner and endowment are Richard Derrenbacher,

Jules Weber, Liz Mosler, Michelle Cash,  Dale and Fran Martin, Sue Mathys.




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