World Water Week – August 21-27, 2011

World Water Week spans this next week, allowing us each to reflect on World Water issues and how we can each do our part to help. 

Did you know?

  • Water is a finite resource: what we have is all we have; it is not limitless, nor is it free.
  • Drought, over-use, and pollution of our watershed are all local Triangle water problems.
  • Flushing toilets is the main personal use of water in the U.S.  The typical American flushes the toilet five times per day at home, using a total of 18.5 gallons to do so; in other words, Americans use 5,700,000,000 gallons daily to flush.
  • The biggest consumer is the power plant industry: 201 billion gallons daily, 49% of all water.
  • In 1955, each American used 60 gallons of water per day; today, 100 gallons per person.
  • 1.16 billion (1 out of 6) do not have access to potable/drinkable water; 40% of the world’s population must walk a kilometer or farther each day to draw and carry water to their homes.
  • 5,000 children die every day due water-related diseases, the 2nd highest cause of death globally.

This week a gathering of academic researchers, policy makers, and governmental leaders from around the globe will gather in Stockholm, Sweden under the overarching theme “Water in an Urbanising World.”  Follow their work on and their social media. 

The St. Francis of Assisi Care of Creation group will continue their work on water issues this year.  They look to continue their Falls Lake clean-up efforts and develop a more comprehensive program in advancing the education of our parish in water issues.  If you are interested in being a part of the development of this program, please contact Art Clark or Bill Rhodes

Let us combine our prayers, reflection, and action so that water justice might be indeed attained by all people in our community and in our world.

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