by Trevor Thompson

Director of Pastoral Ministries

Through this incredibly generous sharing of bread we hear about in today’s Gospel, Jesus shows us that in the Kingdom of God there is always abundance.  In other words, with Jesus, breaking bread always means twice as much, not half as much.  It’s so difficult, however, to live this truth.  We are so prone to scarcity-thinking, seeing life as a zero-sum game where we need to out compete, win over, accumulate, and then horde.  When we live out of this place, we are reluctant to share anything, whether it’s sharing recognition for a job well done, or sharing “my” monthly earnings or tax dollars, or sharing any of the basic necessities of life that we so enjoy.  At its worst, my neighbor in need even becomes my enemy.  But today we hear of different approach to life.  We hear a God who gives richly without counting the costs and his Son who calls his disciples to believe in this abundant living.  Truly, in Christ, the more food is shared, the more food there is.  Can we join Jesus in this generous sharing of our abundant gifts?

Through the financial generosity of our parish and the many parishioners who volunteer their time and talent, our parish is sharing in this feeding ministry of Jesus.  Adding up all our efforts, this past year we prepared and served around 15,000 warm meals, donated nearly 10,000 pounds of non-perishable foods, and through our volunteer hours, saved places like Interfaith Food Shuttle and Catholic Parish Outreach nearly $200,000 in staffing costs. 

Consider joining one of these feeding ministries in our “Food and Hunger Cluster.”  For more information about any of them, call Kathleen Owen in our office of Peace and Justice ministries, 847-8205×225

  • Brown Bag Ministry – prepares and distributes brown bag lunches on a bi-weekly basis to an identified community area in Durham, NC
  • Catholic Parish Outreach – is the largest food pantry in the Triangle area.  Volunteer opportunities range from working in the warehouse, food sorting and packing “orders,” clothing sorting and distribution, and greeting/interviewing clients.
  • Interfaith Food Shuttle – develops systems to recover, prepare and distribute wholesome, perishable food for those in our area who are poor, hungry, undernourished and homeless.  Volunteer opportunities range from picking up food to delivery of food to packing and sorting foods. 
  • St Francis Feeds – is a feed ministry where volunteers prepare meals each month and serve them to the neighborhood near the Safety Club on Branch St. in Raleigh.
  • St Francis Inn, Philadelphia – is a ministry that offers delegations from St Francis of Assisi to Philadelphia several times each year to participate in this Franciscan community that feeds over 300 meals a day to some of the most hungry in our country.
  • Franciscan Community Garden – is a garden on the parish campus that donates all of its harvest to the needy in our community.
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