Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In April 2005, the parish had the opportunity to purchase two homes contiguous to our property.  On the recommendation of the finance and pastoral council we did so. The reality is that we purchased these homes, which included almost 6 acres of land, for the sake of expansion and fulfillment of our master plan. These homes on Leesville Road (to the right of the main entrance) are now known as San Damiano Home (brick house) and LaVerna Center (log cabin). 

Shortly after purchase we had a “two house committee” to explore options on how best to utilize these buildings given that they were (and continue to be) in excellent shape.  We decided on partnering with Residential Support Services of Wake for San Damiano home to four women with developmental disabilities.  La Verna Center was used as meeting space, while our Growing In Faith Together expansion took place.  With our new facilities we are no longer needing the extra space provided by LaVerna. 

The past several months I’ve been looking at options that would enhance the mission of our parish, including inviting two different communities of religious women to live there as a convent.  Both groups (The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany and the Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio) expressed interest and their leadership visited but at this time there are no sisters available. 

The Diocese of Raleigh has expressed interest in using LaVerna for additional office space and we have entered into an agreement for the next 18 months to rent it to them.  This will put the house to good use, be in keeping with the mission of the parish, and provide for limited income to the parish.  Any ministries that had become accustomed to using LaVerna will be relocated to the main campus in existing spaces.  If you have particular concerns or questions, please contact Marc Kielty, Coordinator of Ministry Support.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark



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