Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In June I shared the reflections of our two lifelong learners who spoke at the dedication of the Siena Center for Lifelong Learning in January.  Below is the reflection that was shared by Derek and Kristin Holt, parents of Eoin Francis.  Kristin and Derek are catechists in our baptismal preparation program.   Each reflection reminds us of the importance of being lifelong learners in our faith.

At our baptism, each of us is anointed, set apart, and marked as special- we become lifelong followers of Christ.  And in the Rite of Baptism, we’re anointed “priest, prophet, and king.”  We are called to be priests, meaning people of prayer.  We are called to be prophets, meaning those who preach the Gospel at all times, and as our beloved St. Francis said “using words only when necessary.”  We are called to be kings, meaning servant leaders of the people of God. 

As a young family and as lifelong followers of Jesus, this baptismal anointing challenges us.  It is in this challenge we find our desire to stay on the path, to continue the faith journey.  We are endlessly blessed to be part of a community where there are priests, prophets, and kings all around us-the fellow believers at Mass who make worship the shared experience it is meant to be, the volunteers in our ministries who inspire us, the beneficiaries of those ministries who are the face of Christ for us, the actual friar priests who teach us the Word of God, the cherished students of our schools who teach us in the only way children can, the faculty and staff here who work with love and dedication to serve the students and their families.  

All of these people allow us to keep learning and our journey as lifelong followers of Christ becomes easier, enriched, enhanced.  Just like our young son, Eoin, who needs guidance and teaching, we do too. That is what being a lifelong follower is, accepting the challenge to be priest, prophet and king and then looking to others in our family of God who can guide us and teach us.

In the peace of Christ,

Fr. Mark



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