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 Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:25-30

These words from the Gospel of Matthew are being lived out as the burden of homelessness was lifted from the shoulders of a family who moved into the St Francis of Assisi ‘adopted’ apartment in the transitional housing program of Wake InterFaith Hospitality Network (WIHN). On Friday, June 24, Tonya and her five children found a warm and welcoming home that was the result of many in our community who gave selflessly of their time, talent, and treasure so that others might find comfort and stability in their lives.

What was once a dark and dismal apartment is now a bright and welcoming environment and will provide the opportunity for a family to thrive. Thanks to the generous support and participation of many, the SFA-WIHN apartment is filled with basic furnishings and, more importantly, with hope.

To name only a few of those who have helped along the way:


Claire Moss and Laurie Potts – coordinated furnishing of
the apartment; collaborated with WIHN organization and SFA-WIHN

SFA Parishioners- generously gave Advent Giving Tree gifts of kitchenware, furniture, home accessories, and
gift cards

Stacy Kababik – linked the TFS 3rd grade classes with this
WIHN initiative

Marcy Henehan – coordinated 3rd grade students, parents,
and teachers to collect needed items and ‘stock the pantry’

SFA Prayer Shawl Ministry – created a blanket and hat
as a welcoming gift for the baby

Samantha Austin and Mercy Camp kids – unloaded and
delivered furnishings to the apartment

Many community organizations – contributed linens,
furniture, services

Thank you to all who worked to make this opportunity for a family to thrive, a reality.

If interested in volunteering with this beautiful ministry with St. Francis of Assisi, contact Sherry Oliver at

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