By Jason Lillis, Family Life Coordinator
For Trinity Sunday & Father’s Day

As we celebrate Trinity Sunday and Father’s Day, I am particularly struck by the portions of today’s readings focusing on the importance of names and naming. There is a beautiful moment Moses experiences with our God in the passage from Exodus, where our heavenly Father blesses Moses to hear the proclamation of God’s true name and the named virtues of mercy, fidelity, love, grace, and fellowship that come with that proclamation.

I see the importance of names and these named virtues playing out daily in the intimate relationship of father and child, between son and parent, between brother and sibling. Hearing our names spoken and speaking others’ names can be a reminder that we belong to one another in love and in a common faith. As God shares God’s name, so we cry out our names in Baptism, longing that as we come to know God, we might be more fully known.

This Father’s Day, I’d like to highlight the Men’s Ministry here at St. Francis, and invite the men of our parish to share in God’s promises of love and fellowship with each other, our families, and the whole community.

Men’s Ministry
The St. Francis Men’s Ministry offers men the opportunity to minister to one another in the spirit of Christ, providing a setting for men to meet other Christian men for friendship, advice, and the sharing of our journey through life. The Men’s Ministry gathers the first Monday of each month from 7:00 to 8:00 am for breakfast, and holds an annual retreat each fall.

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