The parish middle school and high school youth came together on May 15th as part of their “Everyday Topics” series.  The focus was on music, especially looking at how music expresses the emotion, faith, spirit, and beauty and sadness of everyday life. 

Jim Wahl, parish Coordinator of Music and Liturgy, and Trevor Thompson, Director of Pastoral Ministries, helped organize the evening, offering some opening praise music, prayers, and words of introduction to the topic.

We were honored to have award-winning musician David LaMotte, veteran of 10 CDs and 2000 concerts in 47 states and on four continents, lead this discussion on music.  David performed three of his original songs (see videos of two of those songs below).  LaMotte also works for the NC Council of Churches as their Program Associate for Peace and is the founder and director of PEG Parterns, a non-profit that supports schools and libraries in Guatemala.  With words of reflection between each song, David engaged the youth on the power of music to express our emotions and spirits, the way images and metaphors trigger on our imaginations, and the way music can affect different people in different ways.  David also offered a glimpse into the way the music industry works, especially the politics of “Christian music.”  He encouraged the youth to seek out music that speaks to their soul and to be open to music that often doesn’t get airplay on the radio. 

Operations Coordinator of the Wild Goose Festival – Jacob Kuntz – was also on hand to share some words about this awesome festival coming to our area (Chatham County) in June.  This festival is attempting to bring together many musicians, storytellers, and speakers to engage in a celebration of spirituality, the arts, and social justice.  David LaMotte will be one of the performers at the Wild Goose Festival. 



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