Members of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and Disaster Recovery Ministry traveled to Fondwa, Haiti as part of delegation with Family Health Ministries, Inc. to continue the ongoing rebuilding of Haiti after the devasting 2010 earthquake.  This St. Francis’ second trip to Haiti but the first with Family Health Ministries.  Their main task was to help build “Kay Professeurs” or a home for secondary school teachers who regularly commute from Port-au-Prince.  
Parishioner delegate John Budway reflects on this experience, “Whether it was putting together bunk beds, painting Boss’s house, repairing/reinforcing  a staircase, nailing together the teachers’ dormitory, fixing the water leak/runoff in the sisters’ home  or spending quality time getting to know the school kids, the orphans or the sisters, everything you did was appreciated. You really made a difference in the lives of others.”
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See pictures below from the trip:

Friday, May 13, 2011
Team in front of house, almost complete. 




Thursday, May 12, 2011  

The team is feeling some pressure to finish the “Kay Professeur” so all painting work has come to a halt

most of the team with Madame John and her daughter Valencia on Wednesday morning


Raising the last wall of the house late Wednesday eveningThe team installs rafters Thursday am Wednesday, May 11, 2011

 Wednesday, May 11, 2011
A couple of heavy rain showers inspired part of the team to rework a gutter system inside one of the sisters’ homes. 

Tim with phase 2 of the new inside gutter system


JT and Jen helping load the lining

The professors’ house team worked an extra hour on Monday to finish the footings so they could cure overnight. By Tuesday evening, they had completed the plywood floor and raised one wall.

Se Simone surveys the progress


JT passing out albendazole


Liz passing out candy


Lisa collecting wrappers

Monday, 9 May
After attending mass with Father Joseph, the team got to work on three different projects. Rain interrupted some of the work, and made the trek down and back up the mountain to and from the new orphanage a real challenge. 



JT sanding


prep walls for painting


John, Jen and Bob Langley, worked with locals to measure the breathtakingly beautiful house site on the mountainside

Meanwhile, Liz, Lisa, Gil and Tom assembled bunk beds for the replacement orphanage with help from Sister Simone and Guilleume.

Sunday, 8 May
The team traveled to Fondwa after stopping Leogane briefly. They enjoyed two meals, unpacked, and met with Father Joseph to learn more about his work in Fondwa.


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