by Trevor Thompson
Director of Pastoral Ministries

Second Sunday of Easter

We get a glimpse of two different images of post-resurrection Christian communities in today’s lectionary readings. 

Image #1:  In Acts 2:42-47, we see a community that understands itself as united in purpose and identity.  We see a community that has a rhythm of life together in prayer and shared meals.  We see a community that exudes joy, praise, trust, sincerity, and love through its actions.  We see a community that has moved beyond individualism and recognizes the responsibility to care for those in need.

Image #2:  In John 20:19-31, we see a dispersed collection of afraid and anxious individuals in a locked house.  We see a group of people focused on their own insecurities, their own problems, their own grief, and their own failings.  We see division among friends rooted in unanswered questions of the past.  We see defensiveness and posturing. We see self-righteousness and doubt.  We see closed hearts and hardened minds.

These are challenging images.  I’m consoled to know that Christ is present in both images, especially since my life so frequently looks like #2.  No matter what our lives look like, the Easter Christ comes to us and says, “Peace be with you.”  He wants us to experience—to touch—his love, and he wants to send us into the world with his Spirit to be this love for others.  Indeed, this Easter Christ calls us to be less like image #2 and more like image #1, a community practicing resurrection. 

As a faith community, we have many ministries that help nurture this leap of faith to be more like our image in Acts of the Apostles.  I’m particularly thinking of our ministries in Family Life where you might find others on a similar journey of faith.  With prayerful support, friendship, and even a load of fun, these ministries are here to help us be an Easter people and our faith community be an Easter church.

Men’s Ministry

Women’s Network

Young Adult Ministry

Seniors Club


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