Last week, as part of St. Francis’ Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network (WIHN) Ministry, three homeless families stayed at the La Verna House.  With this ministry, four times a year, we host homeless families, and parish volunteers bring meals for the guests, provide transportation and childcare, wash laundry, and stay overnight at La Verna as hosts. 

In speaking to St. Francis parishioner Ron Smith, who coordinates the transportation of the WIHN van and trailer and frequently drives the WIHN van to pick up the families from downtown or return them to the WIHN center in the morning, he noted the way the six children worked together on their school lessons and played together.  Ron has been doing this ministry for over five years now, and he still really like the way this provides an opportunity for hands-on outreach service.  He remarked, “This ministry is such a worthy effort, a necessary project for our community.”  There are 897 homeless family members (over 375 families) in Wake County, North Carolina

If you are interested in volunteering with this ministry, contact Sherry Oliver at 866-0715.  Sign-ups are usually conducted after liturgies prior to the hosting as well.

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