The Catholic Community of Saint Francis of Assisi...
is a gospel faith community baptized into the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that our earth and all life is sacred, that all people are gifted with God’s grace and called to build God’s kingdom on earth.

We believe that kingdom is a kingdom of justice and peace, faith and hope, love and acceptance. That kingdom belongs to the least among us.

We are one family living in community confronted, challenged and comforted by the word of God, reaching out to all persons and their families.

We are contemporary Catholic Christians,
sharing the ministry which belongs to each of us in partnership with our Bishop.

We are inspired by the simplicity of Saint Francis and his friars.

We are responsible stewards of our talents and worldly goods.

We celebrate our faith by worshiping together, experiencing Christ in Word and Eucharist and one another, in natural and simple surroundings.

We grow in knowledge of our tradition and the meaning of our oneness in Christ.

We welcome with joy all those who come to us and invite them into the life of our community.

We bear witness to those who do not know Christ, by living our faith and spreading the good news.

We reach out in a special way to those who hunger and thirst for human dignity: the poor, suffering and oppressed people in our community and in our world.