Catholicism: Exploring the Basics of our Faith
Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the Chapel
September 7 through May 31

Do you ever wish you paid more attention in Sunday school or religion class when you were a child? Do you ever wonder why as Catholics we do certain things but felt too silly to ask? Do you have a desire to connect with other parishioners and talk about how to live your faith in our world?

Join us as we explore the four pillars of our Catholic faith through prayer, music, Lectio Divina, talks, and small group discussion. Attend every week, or choose one of our mini-courses below!

9/7: The Optimism of Catholicism
9/14-10/5: Celebrating the Mystery (Sacraments)
10/12-11/9: Christian Prayer
11/16: The Liturgical Year
11/30-12/21: Scripture through Matthew’s Eyes
1/4-1/25: Christian Living and Social Justice
2/1-2/22: Our Creed
3/8-4/5: Lenten Series
4/19-5/31: Mystagogia

Download the full schedule:  Adult Formation Topic Schedule for 2016-2017 

Questions?  Contact Jenn Fiduccia or call 919-847-8205 x238.



Assisi Adult Scripture Study will hold its next study this spring – Panorama of the New Testament. In this study we are invited to enter the biblical story of the New Testament beginning with the gospels and working our way through the final book, Revelation.  We will discover God’s plan of salvation running throughout the story and characters, both familiar and unfamiliar.

The study will be held January 26th through March 2nd, from 7:00 – 8:30 in Siena, Room 751.